Collection: SWOROVSKI Endangered Animal Collection

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"I adore... gems, but not because they are mine.

You can't process radiance, you can only admire it."

-Elizabeth Taylor

Inspired by the beauty of three endangered animals of Israel, these exquisite Swarovski decanters are the sparkling gems of our collection. With a reputation of being the brightest crystal in the world, the Swarovski crystal is designed with a flat surface backing making them scientifically proven to sparkle brighter than any crystal in the world. This handcrafted piece is adorned with over 150 brilliantly sparkly crystals that outline the frosted dolphin, dove, peacock and deer.  To make these exquisite Swarovski showpieces, is a painstaking process entailing hours of labor.  Each crystal is hand outline then etched (“frosted”) animals in their natural resplendent in its impressive sparkle, the colored Swarovski crystal decanter is a customer favorite!