Collection: The Zentitude Candle Collection

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 Our original line of Homme Candles will always have a special place in our heart.  When your home smells good, you feel good. It's that simple.  At Jewish Creations, we hand pour our candles that look beautiful, smell divine, and recalls cherished moments in time.  Our design center, located in Wilmington, Delaware, offers us the opportunity to frequent cities such as Philadelphia, New York City, and Washington D.C. to become inspired.  When we first started planning this collection, HOMME CANDLES, we drew inspiration from cultures and traditions.  Some of us remembered the bakery our grandfather owned and the delicious aroma that escaped the ovens. Or holiday dinners that had the scents of beautifully made delicacies. Our gift to you, is to experience the joy, through scent, that will bring you on a journey to a time when a simple, yet descriptive scent was that of love!

  • Cinnamon & Almond Challah
  • Clean Herbs
  • Succulent Figs
  • Coconut Macaroons
  • Sweet Honey
  • Manishewitz Red Wine
  • Crisp MacIntosh Apple
  • Pomegranate